søndag, januar 04, 2015

Insular artefacts from Viking-Age burials from mid-Norway. A review of contact between Trøndelag, Britain and Ireland.


This article presents a detailed overview of the Insular artifacts found in Viking-Age burials from the Trøndelag region of mid-Norway, most of which have not previously been published in English. The archaeological evidence indicates that contact between Trøndelag and the British Isles was well established at an early stage of the Viking Age. The main evidence for contact comes from the 9th century, when a number of significant patterns can be discerned. Some local concentrations of Insular goods show the continuing importance of some pre-Viking centers, while other areas suggest co-operation between several neighboring families in order to equip and provision overseas expeditions. Later, the datable Insular artifacts indicate significant changes in the nature of contact. North Sea trading towards the end of the Viking Age appears to be affected by increasing centralization of power in Trøndelag during the 10th century.

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