onsdag, november 12, 2008

Stone Gossard kommer snart ut med et nytt solo album.

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Har sjekket ut Stone Gossard’s ny videoer han har lagt ut på sin offisielle hjemme side. Sangene er lagt til i denne posten her..


Jan har også lagt ut en nydelig Prince cover av sangen “1999”.

En sang ved navnet “Little One”.

Og til slutt en sang som heter “Little One”.

"Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard is set to release exclusive new music from
forthcoming solo project online beginning today, September 17th at
www.pearljam.com/stonegossard. Gossard’s digital release helps to kick-off
Timberland’s DIG IT campaign; a multi-city initiative bringing together
eco-minded, activists and artists for daylong re-greening efforts and a nightly
musical celebration with Stone Gossard, Vince Mira, and the Hank Khoir
(featuring notable Northwest artists Barbara Ireland and the Roy Kay Trio) along
with special guests in
Boston (October 1, 2008), New York (October 4,
2008), Los Angeles (October 11, 2008)
San Francisco
(October 18, 2008)

Scheduled for release later this fall, Stone Gossard’s new music project
marks his second solo effort following his 2001 debut album, Bayleaf. A founding
member of Pearl Jam, Gossard has had a successful music career spanning two
decades, during which he has been a part of numerous collaborations including
Brad, Temple of the Dog, Mother Love Bone and the early alternative pioneers
Green River.

A committed environmentalist, Gossard has also used his influence to effect
change locally and internationally through direct involvement in many
environmental and socially conscious issues. His work to this end has included
support of such organizations as The Wild Salmon Center, The Cascade Land
Conservancy, Conservation International and People for Puget Sound along with
spearheading Pearl Jam’s Carbon Portfolio Strategy. Timberland’s DIG IT campaign
allows Gossard the unique opportunity to combine his music and activism by
sharing new material with eco-minded fans and raising awareness on these
important re-greening efforts."

Dette er sakset ut fra web siden http://www.pearljam.com/stonegossard/