søndag, august 02, 2015

What do you Americans think about Bob Bradley?

Here in /r/Norway Bob Bradley has taken an football (Sorry about the term Football, and not Soccer, but we Norwegians call it Fotball in our native tongue ) team here in Norway that was thought to relegate after they achieved promotion to /r/Tippeligaen straight from 5. Division in concurrent seasons.

Bob Bradley hasn't been the coach all the way, but took over the team after the promotion to the top league here in Norway this year, and currently Stabæk is in the title race to an huge surprise.

This article (In Norwegian, but can easily be Goggle Translated to your language of choice) tells something about their latest match.

Stabæk is now on 2nd place (4 points behind the much more known Norwegian club Rosenborg)
So my question is, is Bob Bradley an highly regarded football coach in USA?

btw; Here is an link to for stat junkies about Norwegian football. All divisions

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